January 21, 2011

Dull to Doll

Today I got the very first Ugly to Awesome photo submission from my dear friend Rachel! Thanks Rach, I was excited to read my very first email for this blog!! Rachel is a crafter extraordinaire and is always coming up with great ideas for what to do with her thrift store finds. Her (human size) house is an eclectic mix of treasures - she's got a great eye for design and continually amazes me with her sewing projects and her creativity!

Rachel transformed this little house as a gift for her niece. She cut in some windows and doors and gave it a fresh coat of paint. So simple, so cute!

Thanks for sharing!

January 15, 2011

Welcome to Ugly to Awesome!

Have you ever re-made, re-decorated, or re-purposed something and you can't believe how good it looks?? If yes, then this is a place for you!

I have always loved to create stuff! It's not the final outcome of my creation that I get so much joy out of (although that can be pretty great), but the process of creating. Doing the work of the project - searching for the perfect fabric for that chair that you came across in a thrift store, taking the time to handsew a fancy stitch, or finding just the right paint colour, and then actually ripping apart, sewing & painting...creating new is the good part. There is something beautiful and peaceful and plain old FUN in making something with your own skills and imagination.

Anyway! This blog is meant to inspire you, showcase your projects (and mine) and perhaps to teach you something along the way.

I've love to post something here that was once ugly, but thanks to your talent and creativity, you've made awesome! If you've got something to share, email some before & after photos to!

Happy Creating!