March 29, 2011

Bar Hutch Revolution

In January I bought this ugly cabinet from MCC. Low cost projects people!! (Although has anyone else noticed that MCC has really jacked up their prices since moving to the new store?) Anyway, the total cost for this project was under $100, so I think that's pretty good. I am considering putting fabric on the back wall of the shelves...thoughts?
 L: Before, complete with wine glass storage and glass sliding doors
R: Before completion...(This photo was not staged...seriously)

L: Madeover!
R: Extra bedding storage!

Cabinet - MCC
Paint - Kilz primer from our garage (left from another project!)
         - Cloverdale, colour: Lovely Lace (I used an oil based paint, [which is pricey, yo] but that is no longer being manufactured in Canada. You can buy up oil paint that is already in stock for the next two years, after which remaining stock will be pulled from retail shelves...FOREVER!)
         - spray paint we already had for the handles

I also still have the glass doors, and may put them back in. I am concerned about the shaking from the trains though! Although I can deal with the trains going by at all hours, glass rattling would drive me crazy at night!!