May 1, 2012

(Light) Strike of Creativity

One day, Heidi was feeling especially creative, and thought to herself "I'm going to make some ugly lamps awesome!" She found these gems on Kijiji for $5!!:

Lucky for Heidi, her dad was able to sandblast them to make the glass part paintable. 

I'm not clear on the shade part of the story, but in any case, two ugly lamps are now awesome!

Thanks for sharing Heids!

January 14, 2012

My Rast Hack

I hacked a rast! I first saw this Ikea hack on Aubrey & Lindsey's blog and agreed that they would be perfect night tables. I really liked the painted drawers and stained sides & top, so I went with that same style. Here is how mine turned out: 

Rast 3 drawer chest, Ikea: $39.99 each
Paint & primer for the drawers - already had this! 
I used Danish Oil for the top & sides. (It's basically a one step process, which I like.) - already had this too!
12 knobs - I got these from Richelieu (which is a wholesaler, but I could order them through work). They were about $2 each. 

Grand total:  $52 per table! Yay!

Love it!

There are tons of Rast hack ideas online. They are fun & easy! Here are few of my favorites if you want to try it for yourself & need some inspiration: